Fallstudie #7

Client was referred by a prescriber for psychotherapy and on medication upon presentation. Prior history included some very difficult symptoms in changing medications and coming off of hormonal birth control. Although medicated, she presented with acute agitation and was regularly tearful, describing severe dysregulation and cognitive symptoms, especially around hormonal cycles. Debilitating symptoms of anxietyWeiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 7“

Fallstudie #6

Client presented with clinically significant depression and reported feeling irritable. Nutritional analysis of diet suggested client was overeating some macros and under eating others. Nutrition therapy was used concurrently with psychotherapy. No ketogenic diet was initiated. Instead we discussed elimination of processed foods and emphasized a nutrient dense diet high in micronutrients and essential aminoWeiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 6“

Fallstudie #5

“I don’t have nearly as much brain fog, I have reduced my caffeine intake as a result which has lowered my jitters, anxiety, and no coffee crashes. I feel more grounded and in control over my thoughts and actions. Initially, I felt like measuring things and recording everything I ate was going to be aWeiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 5“

Fallstudie #4

Client presented with intense feelings of anxiety, including fatigue, agitation, worry and even derealization. We began work early on regarding nutrition and mental health simultaneously with appropriate psychotherapy. We immediately noticed that on weeks she was able to monitor her carbohydrate intake she would experience significantly increased emotional stability. Symptom reduction was noticeable for allWeiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 4“

Fallstudie #3

Client was referred by a psychiatrist and on medication upon presentation. Client experienced intense feelings of irritability and impatience and reported feeling overwhelmed very easily and would avoid seeking out new experiences. Functioning was low in that client did not work to avoid negative feelings and encounters in a work setting. Client was essentially isolatedWeiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 3“

Fallstudie #2

Client presented with symptoms of depression and anxiety and later was given a diagnosis of chronic PTSD. Client improved significantly with psychotherapy but would present some weeks with elevated levels of anxiety such as feeling overwhelmed. She consistently complained of cognitive issues, such as forgetfulness and of feeling fatigued. After psychoeducation regarding diet and symptoms,Weiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 2“

Fallstudie #1

After doing significant trauma work this client noticed she was still very anxious. We began to discuss diet and nutrition and the benefits of a ketogenic diet not only for her diabetes and breast cancer history but her anxiety. We did psychoeducation on the links between high blood sugar and mood disorders. We worked togetherWeiterlesen „Fallstudie Nr. 1“